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DIY Renovations that Make Your Bathroom More Relaxing

When you have kids and other adult responsibilities, your life seems chaotic and exhausting most of the time. Sometimes your bathroom time is the only time you have to be relaxed and calm. So, why not use these bathroom ideas in augusta ga to add peace to your tub and shower time?

Here are some DIY renovation ideas to make your bathroom more relaxing!

Use Neutral Tones with Pops of Your Favorite Colors

Neutral tones like grey, beige, and eggshell white are perfect for lightening up a room and expanding it – at least in your mind. Light colors are reflective, pulling your eyes from the center of the room to make a room seem larger than it is.

To add a touch of soothing personality to a neutral-toned bathroom, you can throw in your favorite colors. Love red? Those will be your bath towels. Do ocean blues make you happy? Get some accent trays in that color.

Add Greenery, like a Succulent or Two, on the Countertop

Aloe and cacti add a touch of nature and beauty to your bathroom décor. Not only do they naturally purify the air, but these succulents are easy to maintain and care for. They hold water in their leaves, meaning you can simply admire them more than you water them. Low maintenance and beautiful!

bathroom ideas in augusta ga

Aromatherapy? Invest in Your Favorite Scents in Both Candles and Washes

Aromatherapy is when specific scents soothe your mind and relax your muscles. Scents like lavender and vanilla are naturals in aromatherapy, but any fragrance that unwinds your nerves is fair game for bathroom relaxation. Get your favorite scents in candles and body washes for optimum relaxation.

Use this article as inspiration for a more relaxing bathroom experience. DIY bathroom renovations are meant to evoke calm and peace, so remember what makes you zen while you remodel your bathroom.